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AWS is always improving their existing platforms and creating new services globally. You can imagine how hectic that management is?! I’m sure they have it under control. Below are a list of few ways I stay up to date with AWS new features and services.


This Australian guy is another AWS fan. His podcasts are always fun and educational to listen to. I think his Australian accent helps make the podcast more interesting. He releases about one or two podcasts per week. It’s best to listen in during your commute or heavy traffic like me! 🙂

Official podcast link:

I’m sure it’s available where podcasts are. Enjoy listening!


There is me of course and official AWS accounts

  • @cloudlyengineer
  • @awsWhatsnew
  • @awsopen
  • @aws_gov

Training sites

Training platforms like always try to stay up date with the latest AWS certifications. Cloudguru, udemy, pluralsight are few others that are great.

How do you stay up to date with AWS? Leave a comment. Or tweet at @cloudlyengineer

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